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ONE Cycle is committed to leading and revitalizing minds and bodies through real world indoor cycling classes and group fitness classes. Our TEAM at ONE Cycle believe that the number 1 represents Courage, Ambition, Positivity, Raw Energy, and Unity. Through these beliefs, our TEAM of instructors strive to ensure we know each individual, understand your goals, create a fitness journey that is progressive and fun, and build an inclusive fitness community.


Life is a journey, and when Ashlee is on the bike, she will ensure that you are alongside for the ride. Ashlee’s rides consist of an eclectic choice of music that will move your body and soul. She knows that she has done her part when the energy in the room results in goosebumps on her arms. Her goal for all of her riders is to “let go”, find your raw energy, and let it unfold on the bike.

“When one door closes, another door opens.”

Growing up as an athlete, Ashlee has always had a love of sports and anything outdoors. She spends her free time hiking with her two dogs and enjoying a variety of fitness regimens. She describes her connection to indoor cycling as her place of meditation, her sanctuary. As owner of ONE Cycle RI, she looks forward to connecting with all individuals who come into the studio and providing a real world, energy rich cycling and fitness experience.


Susan’s motivating, team oriented personality shines bright throughout her indoor cycling classes. Susan spends her days working as the assistant to the Providence College Men’s Basketball coach and teaching fitness classes to students, employees and athletes. As a former college athlete, Susan has always been involved in athletics and fitness. As part of her passion for fitness, Susan recently competed in her first WBFF Fitness Competition in November 2016.

“Be willing to take chances, face doubt head on, and be coachable. That’s how change happens.”

Susan holds a degree in Communications from Rhode Island College and a Masters degree in Counseling from Providence College. She currently resides in Smithfield with her husband and two children. Susan is both Mad Dogg certified in Spin and is a Les Mills Body Pump certified instructor. If you are looking for a high energy and highly motivating instructor who showcases upbeat tunes then look no further. Susan looks forward to getting to know each individual, learn about their personal goals, and help them towards achievement.


Kelly holds a certification in both Mad Dogg Athletics and Keiser indoor cycling certifications as well as her 200-hour Yoga Alliance yoga certification. Kelly likes to balance out her lifestyle with the intensity of indoor cycling paired with the therapeutic movement of yoga. Although Kelly has been teaching indoor cycling since 2006, her style continues to evolve but yet keeps it real with the essence of what indoor cycling was originally meant to be – movement modeled after outdoor riding.

“Balance begins in the heart.”

Adding her 200-hour yoga certification to her list of credentials in 2018 also meant bringing more awareness into her indoor cycling game as well. Inspired to obtain her yoga certification with the goal to not only learn proper technique of asana (poses) and pranayama (breath) but also educate on the importance of those principles, Kelly’s yoga classes are a refreshing throwback to the roots of yoga and how it was meant to heal the body. Alignment and pairing movement with breath is always the focus — whether on the bike or the yoga mat!


Dynamic in her ability to relate every ride on the bike to the real world , Kate is as sassy and fun loving as they come. From the moment you begin warming up, Kate holds your attention to the journey ahead of you. Descriptive and capturing in her coaching style, you will find yourself fully immersed in The Ride and before you know it, you’ve crossed the finish line.

“Your moment is now. So show up right now.”

During the daytime, Kate is a cosmetologist who makes her clients look as beautiful as she is on the inside and the outside. In your next class, let Kate’s spirited personality lift you up so you can sweat it out!


Mary‘s yoga classes are best described by her students as “Joyful Yoga”. She teaches slow to moderate flow Yoga with an emphasis on alignment technique, offering modifications appropriate for all levels of students.

“Mindfulness and kindness are emphasized throughout the practice, and yes, there will be smiling and laughing!”

Mary began taking yoga classes over 12 years ago to counter the effects of running and long distance cycling and to de-stress from her job as a pediatric physical therapist. In 2014 Mary completed her 200 hour training certification and began teaching yoga at State of Grace in Massachusetts. It was in April 2015 that Mary felt her “practice of yoga” truly came to life. Mary has also completed training in “Kidding Around Yoga”, yoga for children, in March of 2016. Mary is a member of Yoga Alliance. She has recently added a second 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training to her repertoire which keeps her teaching style fresh, playful, and blissful.


You will not be able to resist smiling back when Val enters the room. Otherwise known as “Hot Pants” for her love of stylish leggings, Val brings a friendly, encouraging spirit to the ONE Cycle Community. After almost 20 years of participating in a variety of group fitness classes, Val enthusiastically took the “leap to lead” and is now coaching others along their fitness journey. In 2022, Val became certified to lead both indoor cycling and group fitness classes. She holds both her Schwinn Indoor Cycling and Ace Group Fitness certification. During the daytime, Val works in the IT department at a local insurance company, where she has dedicated over 20 years of service. She currently resides in Glocester with her husband and two children, both of who also enjoy fitness classes!

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt”

Valerie enjoys the atmosphere and experiences delivered through group fitness, especially the extra motivation that you get when working out with some of your closest friends! When she is not at the gym, Val enjoys spending time in NH with family and friends, where she is currently working on hiking all of the 48 – 4,000 foot mountains with her family and friends. She also enjoys running, and has completed several half marathons.


Elise’s friendly, warm & encouraging nature will reach any rider at ONE Cycle. Elise is a mother to two beautiful daughters who keep her on her toes! Elise has a natural way about her that makes you feel right at home the minute you walk through the studio doors. Her style of teaching will have you smiling, connecting, and sweating all at once.

“Never assume that loud is strong, and silent is weak”

Elise’s journey into fitness began back in 2011 when she began indoor cycling after her first daughter was born. At first, cycling was simply a way to get back into shape. Soon afterwards, Elise fell in love with The Ride, as cycling allowed her to disconnect from responsibilities and reconnect with herself. She found the workout to be transformative and invigorating for her mind, body and soul. For you, the rider, Elise will have you falling in love with cycling as you work on the weak sections, get stronger, and become the true champion you are meant to be. Less thinking, more feeling!


Darren’s class are truly one of a kind. Amazing, full of energy, and nothing less than 100% FUN. Darren has been teaching spin classes for over 10 years. Over the past few years, he became involved with ownership of 2 businesses, a nightclub called The Colosseum and a Salon called Avanti Dezigns. Late nightclub hours and a broken foot led to Darren’s hiatus from spinning.

“Heads up, toes up, knees up!”

Lucky for ONE Cycle, Darren has since sold his part of the nightclub and is eager to get back on the bike and help people with their fitness goals. He describes his class music selection as House/Techno/Classic Rock/80’s and some remixes of popular songs on the radio. After taking Darren’s class, you will feel the groove for the rest of your day!


Trisha is always searching for a new challenge and hopes to help you find yours! She became certified as a spin instructor in 2011 and TRX certified in 2015 and has been leading highly motivating classes ever since. Her friendly, engaging personality shines through on and off the bike. Trisha spends her days as a reading specialist in a local elementary school. Trisha is a mother, wife, and energetic spirit at heart. In her free time she enjoys outdoor cycling, boating, hiking and spending time with her family and dog.

“Fitness is a journey, not a destination.”

As an instructor, she strives to create a positive relationship with all her students; providing them with the encouragement, confidence, motivation, and strength needed to reach their goals. She hopes to create classes that are engaging and fun while leading participants towards their personal best.


“Happiness is an inside job.” On any given day, this is Kristen’s motto. She believes that we should always strive to love the ride we are on (in life and on the bike). You will feel the energy of this mantra as she intertwines real world road imagery with real emotion in her rides. Her vibrant smile, personality, and always upbeat music will keep you connected to every pedal stroke. After each ride with Kristen, you will leave the studio feeling re-energized and ready to make the most of your day. And of course, she will never let you forget, laughing a lot makes everything better!

“Happiness is an inside job.”

Having always loved team sports, Kristen has grown into a love for tennis, indoor cycling and overall body exercise for strength. Her love of leadership took form of teaching indoor cycling and Pilates in 2012. Kristen has a Masters degree from PC and has 5 years of clinical work and almost 20 years of pharmaceutical business behind her. She is currently the Director for Public Health & Advocacy for the US for a small company and lives in Lincoln with her 2 daughters.