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Ride as ONE
Inspire as ONE
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At ONE Cycle, we believe that fitness is the catalyst for unity, in that the raw energy of each person will inspire others to be stronger, more motivated and dedicated.

Your health is a priority and our dynamic team of instructors is committed to guiding you towards improved wellness. 

Our team prides itself on creating a community where our members feel like family and find fun in fitness.

Our fitness programs are designed to challenge every person at their own fitness level and deliver results.

Become part of the ONE Cycle community, and start transforming your life.

Indoor Cycling

ONE Cycle offers intense 45, 60, &  90 minute classes that will move, revitalize, and inspire you. Indoor cycling is a low impact, highly accessible workout that produces an endorphin rush to keep you motivated and energized to the finish.

Our riders will cycle their way through various terrains on the most innovative and very best indoor cycling bike on the market. The new Schwinn A.C. Power bike delivers an authentic riding experience for any fitness level. From the most experienced outdoor cyclists to our newest riders, this bike will capture the “real road” feel while our instructors cue “real world” cycling experiences.  Our bikes are fitted for SPD style cleats to further simulate an outdoor riding experience.  Your indoor cycling journey will be enhanced through the amazingly accurate 4iiii®crank arm power meter and  MPower™ Echelon2G console which provides measurable client feedback through cadence, mileage, heart rate, gears, and power! 

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Strength & Conditioning
The strength and conditioning program offers functional and strength training equipment such as TRX suspension training system, dumbbells, plyometric equipment, kettlebells, and a variety of other equipment used for total body strength and conditioning.

Proper exercise execution is at the core of a safe and effective resistance training program. Our strength and conditioning program focuses on building overall strength by teaching correct execution of exercises and varying the training protocols over time to improve potential gains. Coaches are skilled in working with a variety of fitness levels and are here to assist each individual meet their greatest fitness potential.

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Yoga at ONE Cycle brings to life the balance needed to improve flexibility, strength, and focus. Offering three different styles of yoga allows for the perfect addition to cross training and injury prevention. Yoga classes range between 60 and 75 minutes and will leave you feeling balanced, rejuvenated, flexible, and stronger in both your mind and body. 

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ONE Cycle Nutrition

Are you trying to balance eating the foods you like while feeling great in your clothes?  Do you find yourself working out really hard but hitting a plateau in your overall energy and physique?

The ONE Cycle Nutrition Program is designed around the balance of macronutrients to move you closer to your personal goals, be it fat loss, maintenance, or building more muscle. Our coaching style guides you beyond nutrition to help you build consistency in your life and eating habits.   

Contact Ashlee for more information.

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On-Demand Classes

Are you working out at home? Have an indoor cycling bike at home and can’t make it into the studio? Or maybe you have personal gym equipment that you can use for strength training. Ride or Lift from the comfort of your home with your favorite instructors.

View our Virtual Class offerings under the On-Demand Fitness Classes Tab in our online Mindbody site. We offer virtual Bootcamp, Bodyweight Cardio Core, CycleCamp, Weight Training, and Cycling classes.

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Charity Rides

Have a charity or non-profit organization that could use assistance with raising funds or awareness?

Host a charity event with our teamONE Cycle is looking to give back all year.

Contact Ashlee  for more information.

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